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Who wants to eat the same thing every day? Not us!

Maisie is a sizzling, interactive experience that gives you the power to choose from our ready-made selection of delicacies that change daily!

You will be spoiled for choice with an abundance of mile high salads, warm soups, fresh breads, delightful desserts, medical-grade cocktails, sweet or savory pies, sandwiches', pizza, warm coffee, 55 minutes eggs, fresh fruits, filling meats and cheeses and much more.

Gluten free? No problem
Keto? We got you
Sweet Tooth? Absolutely
Vegan? Check
Salt craving? Perfectly Fine
Lactose-free? No worries

Leave room for seconds, tomorrow is another day and another culinary adventure.

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Maisie gives you the power with MaisiePower!

Exclusive access, points, money back, and much more! Be rewarded for your Maisie crazies with MaisiePower!

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The Maisie Story

Come in hungry for a sizzling, interactive experience.

Lusciously lively and slyly stimulating, Maisie delivers. Maisie is an immersive, interactive setting inspired by daily reimagined chef creations.

Choose from a display of spectacular creations set out to tempt you to pile your plate high. See what all the fuss is about, this spring, stop in for a nibble or a feast.

Boldly comfortable and delicious, Maisie is your next go-to spot from breakfast to happy hour.


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A world-class space like no other

Located in the heart of the Sam Centre in Calgary’s brand new Culture and Entertainment district, Maisie is surrounded by towering ceilings, natural light and Alberta history. Visit us from 8am - 5pm Monday through Sunday, no admission needed!

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